SEWER LINE RODDING in Naperville, IL & Surrounding Areas

We Offer Professional And Reliable Sewer Line Rodding Services To Clear Blockages And Restore Proper Flow To Your Plumbing System.

How to Tell if You Need expert sewer rodding Services

You might have a blocked drain if you frequently notice that the water in your sink or bathtub drains slowly or not at all. You might have a blockage in the main sewer line if routine chores like flushing the toilet cause water to back up into your sink or another fixture in the house, or if you hear any gurgling sounds coming from drains or toilets. If not addressed right away, blockages of all kinds, such as using toilet paper that is not safe for septic systems, can seriously harm your plumbing system and need expensive and dirty repairs.

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Sewer Line Rodding

Sewer rodding is a way for a plumber with experience to clean out your plumbing system. It is sometimes the only way to clear a blockage in your drain or pipe. A plumbing rod, which is a flexible rod designed to go through long pipes, is used in the procedure.

Homeowners can usually go much longer between cleanings, but it’s still a good idea to have this done every few years or so. If you have a large home and a family that generates a lot of sewage waste, you should do it at least every two years.

Give your plumbing system at least five to ten minutes to get hot water moving through it. The hot water helps get rid of things like grease, oils, or coatings that have built up on the walls of the drain. This may be the best and simplest way to unclog that main sewer line.

If you use power rodding equipment incorrectly, you may cause damage to your plumbing fixtures or pipes. A professional can safely remove the debris that is causing the clogs without causing further damage.

Depending on the severity of the problem, cleaning your sewer line could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours. A professional will visit you and discuss your problem. Then, they’ll probably try to solve the problem with a drain clearing “auger” first (a motorized snake-like tool that breaks apart clogs).

Over time, debris may begin to accumulate within the main sewer. This can be made up of things like toilet paper, soap scum, and foreign objects that get stuck in the main line as they build up. Grease and fat grease are a common clog-causing problem in main line sewers.